Sam Gleason is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter and producer who creates music spanning a wide variety of genres, including rock, pop, folk, psychedelic, and new wave. Getting his start almost a decade ago performing at various venues throughout the state of New York, he’s become known for both his powerful and unique voice as well as his strange, story-telling style of songwriting. Having played shows with artists such as Jimmy Webb and Charles NeVille, he continues to constantly play out throughout New York and has not stopped writing, recording, and putting out as much music as possible. Sam currently resides in the city of Albany, where he is working towards earning a degree in music industry at The College of Saint Rose. While he still considers himself a developing artist, he has built up quite a repertoire of music and experience over the course of his life, which you can view here at his official website.


The Cluster EP

The Cluster EP Released!

The Cluster EP is now available for streaming and download! The latest addition to Sam Gleason’s repertoire is a five-song compilation of indie pop, folk rock, and alternative music that incorporates walls of harmonies, intricate pop production, and the new wave-esque use of both guitars and synths. The songs contain an array of different lyrical […]

Two New EPs Fast Approaching!

I love the summer, because summer’s when I get to release all the music I’ve been working on over the year to you guys! I tried to get an entire solo album done, as I like to release at least one of those a year, but I found myself becoming a lot more busy this […]

¡HA¡ The Joker EP


Introducing: ¡HA¡

¡HA¡ is the new band I’ve formed with some fellow musicians here in Albany. When Rob O’Connor (Olsen Court, The Weird Apples) came up to Albany to do an internship, I was able to introduce him to two of my close college friends, Matt DeLaus (DeadLight Poets) and Alan Sweet. Matt and I began writing […]

David Bowie Tribute

We recently suffered a huge loss in the music world. David Bowie was one of the most inventive minds in the history of music, and was only beginning to reach his creative peak when he passed. He chose to spend his final days on this planet creating an album as a way of saying goodbye to us, and managed to turn his own death into an artistic performance of expression. His passion is truly something to look up to, and I wanted to pay my respects by covering one of my favorite songs by him. Though I know I could never do it justice, this is just my way of thanking Bowie for contributing his music and his art to the world, even at the very end of his life.




“Piece of Glass” Footage Now Available

Video footage of Sam Gleason’s live performance of “Piece of Glass” is now available for viewing. The song was performed in Picotte Recital Hall at The College of Saint Rose for Sam’s convocation class, and is also the last track on his recently released, “The Monster”. “The song’s about having to leave certain things behind in order to move on with you life,” says Sam. Enjoy!

The Magnificent Meltdown

This is a music video that I had to make as a final project for my music tech class. We had to utilize all the programs that we learned how to use over the course of the semester, including Pro Tools, Reason, and even Photoshop. Because of these requirements, the song is composed mainly of MIDI data, and so it has a very cheesy, electronic sound. Nonetheless, I figured I’d share it with you all anyways just for the shits and giggles. Enjoy!


Live Version of “Piece of Glass”

At the College of Saint Rose, students are required to perform for a class called convocation. Convocation happens once a week, and all music students are required to attend each performance. I put together an arrangement of the song “Piece of Glass” from The Monster album, and now a recording of the live performance is available on SoundCloud! The recording features Amelia Rosettie on violin, Alenni Davis on harmonies, Patrick Flores on lead guitar, Will Fredette on bass, and Will Hahn on drums. Needless to say, I passed!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

In light of the holiday season, I’ve decided to share this video of myself performing the Christmas classic, “My Grown-Up Christmas List”. It was originally a gift for my mother. Considering the state of my bank account, I was relieved when she told me all she wanted for Christmas was a video of me performing her favorite Christmas song. Hope you enjoy the video, and happy holidays to one and all!


Swivel and Dance EP cover

Weird Apples Release Two-Song EP!

The Weird Apples all got together again over the summer and recorded two of their heaviest, danciest songs yet. The sax-heavy tunes emulate classic and indie rock, with dramatic contrast in between the two songs. The first track, Swivel Yo Hips, is a very upbeat song about just wanting to dance in a world where it’s frowned upon, while the second song called Dancing Skeletons has a heavier vibe about it as Sam sings about an afterlife taunting us with subtle clues of its existence. The two-song EP is available now for download for only one dollar.

Newest Album, “The Monster” Released!

With the release of his upcoming album “The Monster”, Sam Gleason brings
an alternative indie edge to pop rock. Lush with layered guitars,
catchy hooks, an array of percussion, and fun break downs, the album
reaches into a classic rock aesthetic at times. Although the album is
diverse within itself, there is a glue that holds this album together
and it comes down to a familiar but different vocal style and lots of
different kinds of pop strung into one record. Most importantly, the
album never loses touch with the emotional platform great songs are
built from.

The first single, “Put Away The Monster”, is an up beat indie rock
song with attitude. The song feels like a cross between an 80’s classic
rock song, and today’s breed of indie pop songs hitting the radio

“The term “monster” refers to the sides of us that we choose to hide
away from the world because they are considered unacceptable by
whatever society we may live in. The song title is a play on how we
are taught to be insecure about these parts of us, which compels us to
hide these “monsters” or “skeletons” away from everyone simply because
they do not correlate with our definition of normalcy,” explains Sam
of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get the full
understanding of where Sam is coming from, it should be heard in its
entirety. The record gives the ideal of a concept album, and each song
tells a story in relation to the next.

“The whole album mainly consists of songs that have to do with inner
personal conflict, such as hiding away parts of us we’re insecure
about,” says the songwriter of the album.

The Monster Album Cover!!