Hey, my name’s Sam Gleason. I’m a 20-year-old singer/songwriter currently attending The College of Saint Rose in Albany. On this website, you can find all of the music I’m involved with, including solo projects, old bands, current bands, and collaborations. You can also find photos, videos, my gig schedule, and ways to contact me. Thanks for checking out my site!




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Second Single “Doubt Dandelions” Released From New Album!

The second single off of “The Monster” album coming out later in August was released today. “Doubt Dandelions” is a harmony-driven song that talks about the seeds of doubt that can become a problem for us should we choose to let them grow. The single is available for download, and “The Monster” is coming out August 23rd with more songs like this one and the previous single that was released, “Put Away The Monster.”

Title Track/First Single off of “The Monster” Released!

The first single off of Sam’s latest solo album coming out in August has been released. “Put Away The Monster” is the title track for the album, and was recorded in Sam’s apartment over the course of his sophomore year of college, as was the rest of the album. It is also available for download, so give it a listen!

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New Video of “Lost In A City” Performance!

A first glimpse into “The Monster” album being released later in august, Sam Gleason performs one of the tracks live at The Towne Crier Cafe entitled “Lost In A City”. The song is a bluesy piano piece about the downsides of organized religion. ¬†Give it a click!

New Album “The Monster” Coming Soon!

The release date for the newest album by Sam Gleason has been announced! “The Monster” was recorded throughout Sam’s sophomore year of college in his apartment in Albany. It includes some of the stranger songs that Sam has written, as well as some of his more mass-audience aimed songs thrown in for good measure. It will be released on August 23rd this summer, but make sure to keep checking back here until then to find singles being released early!

The Monster Album Cover!!

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Closed Cages

DeadLight Poets Release Second Single – Available for free download!

The second single released by DeadLight Poets defines the genre that they call “circus punk”, and is available for free download now! Give the song a listen, and look out for upcoming shows by the DeadLight Poets in the next few months.

“The Mass Amusement EP” Available For Free Download

Sam Gleason’s five-song EP is now available for free download, payment optional. The EP is meant to create a series of songs revolving around a commercial purpose, the opposite of what he usually creates. The need for marketable songs tends to be a requirement in today’s music industry. However, the title track is a mockery of this entire concept, and mocks the rest of the songs on the EP as well. Download it for free now!

Mass Amusement Cover


DeadLight Poets release new single – “Static Speakers”

DeadLight Poets have released the first single off of their debut EP that will be coming in a few months. Recorded in both the band’s studio apartment and the College of Saint Rose’s recording studio, this song is meant to define what DeadLight Poets are all about. Click on the link to download this song for free!

New Video – “No Man” live at The Towne Crier

Check out the new footage of Sam Gleason performing one of the songs from his solo album, “One Take, Room 8.” The Towne Crier Cafe in Beacon, NY held a young songwriter’s showcase, in which Sam explains what inspired the song, “No Man”, before performing it.


Lover From Another Cover

The Weird Apples Release Debut Single – “Lover From Another”

The Weird Apples came together when former members of the band Olsen Court returned home from college. They played shows all throughout the Hudson Valley during the summer, and found just enough time to record a single before they all went back to college. Lover From Another was recorded in Sam Gleason’s bedroom studio, a location which helped contribute to the song’s garage rock sound. It’s now available for free download right here!


“One Take, Room 8″ Available For Free Download

The album I recorded in my dorm room freshman year is now available for free right here on your computer. Give it a listen, and if you like it, help yourself to a download.

One Take, Room 8