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Sam Gleason is a singer/songwriter and producer who creates music spanning a wide variety of genres, including rock, pop, folk, psychedelic, and new wave. Getting his start over a decade ago performing at various venues throughout the state of New York, he’s become known for both his powerful and unique voice as well as his strange, story-telling style of songwriting. Having played shows with artists such as Jimmy Webb and Charles NeVille, he continues to constantly play out throughout New York and has not stopped writing, recording, and putting out as much music as possible. Sam currently resides in the city of Troy, and has just earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Music Industry. While he still considers himself a developing artist, he has built up quite a repertoire of music and experience over the course of his life, which you can view here at his official website.

Lost Drones Release Debut Single “Star Frame”


“The track, which was engineered by Gleason and produced by vocalist/bassist Grocki is a unique, fun and bright-sounding single that tackles the hard truths of growing up and learning what life is like outside of the idealism of childhood. “Star Frame” is reminiscent of Suck It and See-era Arctic Monkeys with some vintage-sounding psychedelic riffs throughout the song.

-Courtney Guttenberg of Mirth-Films.com

“Star Frame is the second song in a concept EP about a bright-eyed newcomer who grows cynical as he realizes how harsh reality can actually be. This particular song talks about how lavish and indulgent practices are presented to us as the perfect life and path to happiness. The character learns that even those with these seemingly perfect lives are miserable, the first of many harsh truths he realizes throughout the EP. The rest of the album will be released within the next few months.”


Country Protest Song, “Ol’ Montgomery” Fights Against Corporate Greed

“Hey friends, my home town is being ravaged by large corporations that want to destroy the beautiful land simply because they don’t wanna pay their fair share of taxes. As we all know, multi-million dollar companies are the last things in this country that need tax breaks right now. Wrote this short little country protest song for the people fighting it over there. Keep up the good work my fellow Montgomery citizens!”


Click here to listen to “Ol’ Montgomery”



Yeah Universe Releases Debut Single “Wasteland”

Hello everyone, I know it has been some time since I’ve posted on here, but I assure you I’ve been anything but inactive. Yeah Universe just released our debut single, “Wasteland”. You can read about it in this article on Mirth-Films.com. Lost Drones is also hard at work on the debut EP, with plans to have it released early in December. Stay tuned, there’s gonna be a lot of music coming out in the future!


Click here to read the Mirth-Films article

“The Castle” released!

Two years in the making, “The Castle” is finally here! This album is a conglomeration of my post-college experience, with songs about different themes when it comes to figuring out what to do with yourself. The themes include writer’s block, falling out of touch with friends, and not knowing what the hell you’re doing. It is called The Castle because a large portion of it was recorded in an old church that I lived in for a while (pictured in the album cover) that my roommates and I lovingly referred to as “The Castle”. The album features saxophone tracks by James Negron as well as guitar solos by Josh Thorsey. Brandon Rutski and Paul Bonolo play some awesome drum tracks as well.

This will probably be the last album of this style that I release, as I am planning on venturing into some different genres in the future. Stay tuned!



Eleven Remastered With A Demogorgon

When Chronicles was released, there was a song entitled “Eleven” on that track. Most people who listen to it figure out that it’s inspired by one of the most popular TV shows of today, Stranger Things. I had written that song after finishing the first season after it had just come out, and was fascinated by the character they called Eleven. So I wrote a song about her and her mysterious connection to the parallel dimension called “The Upside-Down”, as well as with the beast that was terrorizing the main characters called the Demogorgon. I proceeded to record and release it, but was never truly happy with it. So months after the album release, I got back together with Jon Pascone, who co-produced half of Chronicles. I had him create a soundscape in the background of the song to emulate the terrifying sounds of a Demogorgon. The talented Jonny delivered, and the song now portrays the terrifying presence of the Demogorogon that I had always envisioned. So we remastered the track with the new layer of sounds, and we’re finally ready to show you guys a new and improved version of Eleven!

P.S. The cool image used for this release was created using a painting by the talented artist, Cat Jones, one of my castle-mates.

The Castle

Hello world! Figured I’d give ya’ll a little update on what I’ve been up to lately. Amidst the struggle of finding a job in the post-college life, I have moved into an old church in Troy, NY to help me focus a bit on the multi-tasking that is now required of me. The church is 150 years old, and has been converted into a commune for visual or audio artists who want to live in a creative environment. And while living here has proven to be a very strange experience, complete with rabid deer, cat-sized rats, animal organs appearing outside, and bizarre dance parties held in the cathedral; I find it’s been a big advantage in helping me get my life on track. I’m continuing to write and record music, even if any performance of that music has become rather rare. The isolation of the building that I lovingly refer to as “The Castle” has shifted my focus away from the partying college life and back towards creating music.

I miss playing shows, and intend on booking some acoustic shows soon now that I have finally gotten a stable source of income to relieve my worries of rental payments (come visit me at Guitar Center!). The truth is, I’ve been out of the live music scene for quite some time and don’t really know where to start. But I’m confident I’ll be out and about soon enough!

Thanks for reading bout lil’ ol’ me, I’ll be seeing you guys soon.



‘Chronicles’ Hits the Mexican Radio Waves

The album “Chronicles”, which was released about a month ago, has made it’s radio play debut in Mexico thanks to the indie rock radio station called So Good 92.1 FM. Sam has given the station full permission to the producers there to use any of the songs from the album, and they will be making daily appearances on both indie rock and jazz segments of the station. The radio station has almost 16,000 listeners, and will do wonders for the promotion of this great album. This would not be possible without the help of Jon Pascone and Isa Belina Ibarra Rivas. If you’re not in Mexico and haven’t heard “Chronicles” yet, you can still listen to the new album on Spotify, iTunes, BandCamp, or any other service you can think of!


Click here to visit So Good’s website

Click here to listen to “Chronicles”

Long Time No Chat!

Hello everyone! It has been quite a while since I’ve kept this website updated, as college had kind of consumed the entirety of my life. But I finally made it through four years at Saint Rose, and intend on shifting a lot of my focus on my true passion, creating and playing music. A little update since I’ve been gone:


Last year, I released a six-song album called Everything’s Bad and I’m Angry that was recorded at Low Watt Recording Studios in Savannah, GA (where I did my internship). You can listen to that bad boy on the music page of this website!

¡HA¡ had to split up after we all graduated college, as its members all had to go in different directions in an attempt to start their careers. However, we did release a single right before we disbanded, which happens to be on the latest album I released as well. You can listen to that here: CHARCOAL HEART

Finally, I just released my latest project, Chronicles, today! I’ve never been more proud of an album, so if you haven’t heard it yet, you can find it on the music page of this website, or pretty much any music streaming service.

I’m going to be booking a lot of gigs in the near future, so be on the lookout for some shows to be posted! I can’t wait to finally fully shift my focus to what I truly care about, and I’m excited for the future.



The Cluster EP Released!

The Cluster EP is now available for streaming and download! The latest addition to Sam Gleason’s repertoire is a five-song compilation of indie pop, folk rock, and alternative music that incorporates walls of harmonies, intricate pop production, and the new wave-esque use of both guitars and synths. The songs contain an array of different lyrical topics. They tell the stories of a depressed comedian and of an autistic boy convinced his window is a TV, as well as explore the ideas of procrastination, perfectionism, and loneliness. The name of the EP comes from the strange grouping of songs that were initially unmastered, forgotten mixes that Sam rediscovered and “clustered” together to create this EP.

Two New EPs Fast Approaching!

I love the summer, because summer’s when I get to release all the music I’ve been working on over the year to you guys! I tried to get an entire solo album done, as I like to release at least one of those a year, but I found myself becoming a lot more busy this year than I had originally anticipated, what with the rise of my new project, ¡HA¡, a group that will be releasing their single later this week, and their full debut EP on July 24th! I did manage to throw together a little solo EP collection of five songs, which will actually be released tomorrow. So expect a lot from me over the next couple of months, I’m really excited to show ya’ll what I’ve been working on!


¡HA¡ – The Joker EP – July 24th

¡HA¡ The Joker EP

Sam Gleason – The Cluster EP – June 10th

The Cluster EP