The Cluster EP Released!

The Cluster EP is now available for streaming and download! The latest addition to Sam Gleason’s repertoire is a five-song compilation of indie pop, folk rock, and alternative music that incorporates walls of harmonies, intricate pop production, and the new wave-esque use of both guitars and synths. The songs contain an array of different lyrical topics. They tell the stories of a depressed comedian and of an autistic boy convinced his window is a TV, as well as explore the ideas of procrastination, perfectionism, and loneliness. The name of the EP comes from the strange grouping of songs that were initially unmastered, forgotten mixes that Sam rediscovered and “clustered” together to create this EP.

Two New EPs Fast Approaching!

I love the summer, because summer’s when I get to release all the music I’ve been working on over the year to you guys! I tried to get an entire solo album done, as I like to release at least one of those a year, but I found myself becoming a lot more busy this year than I had originally anticipated, what with the rise of my new project, ¡HA¡, a group that will be releasing their single later this week, and their full debut EP on July 24th! I did manage to throw together a little solo EP collection of five songs, which will actually be released tomorrow. So expect a lot from me over the next couple of months, I’m really excited to show ya’ll what I’ve been working on!


¡HA¡ – The Joker EP – July 24th

¡HA¡ The Joker EP

Sam Gleason – The Cluster EP – June 10th

The Cluster EP