Two New EPs Fast Approaching!

I love the summer, because summer’s when I get to release all the music I’ve been working on over the year to you guys! I tried to get an entire solo album done, as I like to release at least one of those a year, but I found myself becoming a lot more busy this year than I had originally anticipated, what with the rise of my new project, ¡HA¡, a group that will be releasing their single later this week, and their full debut EP on July 24th! I did manage to throw together a little solo EP collection of five songs, which will actually be released tomorrow. So expect a lot from me over the next couple of months, I’m really excited to show ya’ll what I’ve been working on!


¡HA¡ – The Joker EP – July 24th

¡HA¡ The Joker EP

Sam Gleason – The Cluster EP – June 10th

The Cluster EP


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