‘Chronicles’ Hits the Mexican Radio Waves

The album “Chronicles”, which was released about a month ago, has made it’s radio play debut in Mexico thanks to the indie rock radio station called So Good 92.1 FM. Sam has given the station full permission to the producers there to use any of the songs from the album, and they will be making daily appearances on both indie rock and jazz segments of the station. The radio station has almost 16,000 listeners, and will do wonders for the promotion of this great album. This would not be possible without the help of Jon Pascone and Isa Belina Ibarra Rivas. If you’re not in Mexico and haven’t heard “Chronicles” yet, you can still listen to the new album on Spotify, iTunes, BandCamp, or any other service you can think of!


Click here to visit So Good’s website

Click here to listen to “Chronicles”