The Castle

Hello world! Figured I’d give ya’ll a little update on what I’ve been up to lately. Amidst the struggle of finding a job in the post-college life, I have moved into an old church in Troy, NY to help me focus a bit on the multi-tasking that is now required of me. The church is 150 years old, and has been converted into a commune for visual or audio artists who want to live in a creative environment. And while living here has proven to be a very strange experience, complete with rabid deer, cat-sized rats, animal organs appearing outside, and bizarre dance parties held in the cathedral; I find it’s been a big advantage in helping me get my life on track. I’m continuing to write and record music, even if any performance of that music has become rather rare. The isolation of the building that I lovingly refer to as “The Castle” has shifted my focus away from the partying college life and back towards creating music.

I miss playing shows, and intend on booking some acoustic shows soon now that I have finally gotten a stable source of income to relieve my worries of rental payments (come visit me at Guitar Center!). The truth is, I’ve been out of the live music scene for quite some time and don’t really know where to start. But I’m confident I’ll be out and about soon enough!

Thanks for reading bout lil’ ol’ me, I’ll be seeing you guys soon.



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