Eleven Remastered With A Demogorgon

When Chronicles was released, there was a song entitled “Eleven” on that track. Most people who listen to it figure out that it’s inspired by one of the most popular TV shows of today, Stranger Things. I had written that song after finishing the first season after it had just come out, and was fascinated by the character they called Eleven. So I wrote a song about her and her mysterious connection to the parallel dimension called “The Upside-Down”, as well as with the beast that was terrorizing the main characters called the Demogorgon. I proceeded to record and release it, but was never truly happy with it. So months after the album release, I got back together with Jon Pascone, who co-produced half of Chronicles. I had him create a soundscape in the background of the song to emulate the terrifying sounds of a Demogorgon. The talented Jonny delivered, and the song now portrays the terrifying presence of the Demogorogon that I had always envisioned. So we remastered the track with the new layer of sounds, and we’re finally ready to show you guys a new and improved version of Eleven!

P.S. The cool image used for this release was created using a painting by the talented artist, Cat Jones, one of my castle-mates.