Country Protest Song, “Ol’ Montgomery” Fights Against Corporate Greed

“Hey friends, my home town is being ravaged by large corporations that want to destroy the beautiful land simply because they don’t wanna pay their fair share of taxes. As we all know, multi-million dollar companies are the last things in this country that need tax breaks right now. Wrote this short little country protest song for the people fighting it over there. Keep up the good work my fellow Montgomery citizens!”


Click here to listen to “Ol’ Montgomery”



Yeah Universe Releases Debut Single “Wasteland”

Hello everyone, I know it has been some time since I’ve posted on here, but I assure you I’ve been anything but inactive. Yeah Universe just released our debut single, “Wasteland”. You can read about it in this article on Lost Drones is also hard at work on the debut EP, with plans to have it released early in December. Stay tuned, there’s gonna be a lot of music coming out in the future!


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