Lost Drones Release Debut Single “Star Frame”


“The track, which was engineered by Gleason and produced by vocalist/bassist Grocki is a unique, fun and bright-sounding single that tackles the hard truths of growing up and learning what life is like outside of the idealism of childhood. “Star Frame” is reminiscent of Suck It and See-era Arctic Monkeys with some vintage-sounding psychedelic riffs throughout the song.

-Courtney Guttenberg of Mirth-Films.com

“Star Frame is the second song in a concept EP about a bright-eyed newcomer who grows cynical as he realizes how harsh reality can actually be. This particular song talks about how lavish and indulgent practices are presented to us as the perfect life and path to happiness. The character learns that even those with these seemingly perfect lives are miserable, the first of many harsh truths he realizes throughout the EP. The rest of the album will be released within the next few months.”