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Sam Gleason is a singer/songwriter and producer from Montgomery, New York currently residing in Albany, New York. At a very young age, he began writing songs and recording them in any way he could. After graduating The College of Saint Rose in 2017,  he now continues to constantly perform and record his music. He has played as both a solo artist and with many bands at various venues and festivals throughout the state of New York, and recently has been dabbling with the genres of psychedelic rock and new wave.

Lost Drones (2019-)

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Lost Drones is an indie psych-rock band that started playing shows throughout the Albany area of New York in February of 2019. The band consists of Sam Gleason on vocals and guitar, Conor Grocki on vocals and bass, Austin Smith on lead guitar, and Nick Palazeke on drums. The group emphasizes upbeat rhythms while also creating a layered atmospheric tone with various guitar effects that back up powerful, animated vocals. They are currently active and have just wrapped up on their debut EP, which will be out soon.

Yeah Universe (2019-)

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Yeah Universe is a 5-piece rock outfit from Albany, NY that blends electronic ambiance with traditional rock to deliver ambiguous lyrics about nothing in particular. The band features Michael Vincent and Mary Nardo on vocals and guitar, Sam Gleason on vocals and synths, Zac Sorel on bass, and Nick Palazeke on drums. They blend tight grooves and huge, harmony-driven choruses together with lush electronic ambience to create a sound that is unique among their peers. 

¡HA¡ (2016-2017)

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¡HA¡ was a group that lasted from January 2016 to May 2017, and produced a type of indie rock fused with psychedelia. The band consisted of Sam Gleason on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Matt DeLaus on lead guitar and back-up vocals, Alan Sweet on bass, and Ryan Jonuskis on drums. Sam and Matt worked together as the band’s primary songwriters. Matt’s intricate and beautiful guitar riffs compliment Sam’s vocal melodies and lyrics in a way that produces a unique sound and results in interesting chordal structure. The band built it’s reputation in the underground DIY scene of Albany before having to disband in order for the members to pursue other career opportunities.

The Weird Apples (2014-2015)

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The Weird Apples consist of four former members of the band, Olsen Court. They formed in the summer of 2014 after they had all returned home from college, and began to play at local bars within the Hudson Valley after establishing a sound that combined blues, rock, and indie music. The line-up includes Sam Gleason on vocals and guitar, James Negron on saxophone and occasionally cello, Jake Sutter on bass, and Rob O’Connor on drums. The group has not played together since the release of The Swivel and Dance EP in 2015, due to the busy lives of each member.

DeadLight Poets (2014-2016)

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dlp full band

DeadLight Poets were a three-piece indie punk band that formed in the beginning of 2014 in Albany, NY. The group consisted of Sam Gleason on bass and vocals, Matt DeLaus on guitar, and Will Hahn on drums. The band began writing songs in their freshmen dorm rooms, developing a sound they referred to as “circus punk”. After playing many successful shows throughout the city of Albany and releasing several poorly recorded singles to the public, the group disbanded in January of 2016 due to creative differences among the members.

Olsen Court (2010-2013)

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Olsen Court

Olsen Court was founded by Sam Gleason and Rob O’Connor in the later months of 2010, with Jake Sutter on bass, Brian Stabner on guitar and back-up vocals, and James Negron on saxophone and cello. Despite constant line-up changes and sound reinvention, the band slowly but surely found it’s sound before they disbanded in 2013 to attend separate colleges. A mixture of alternative, rock, and ska music, the group became really well-known throughout the Hudson Valley area, and would constantly play at different events and festivals. The band released The Birdland EP in early 2013, finalizing their ever-changing sound at last before they had to part ways only nine months later.

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