Eleven Remastered With A Demogorgon

When Chronicles was released, there was a song entitled “Eleven” on that track. Most people who listen to it figure out that it’s inspired by one of the most popular TV shows of today, Stranger Things. I had written that song after finishing the first season after it had just come out, and was fascinated by the character they called Eleven. So I wrote a song about her and her mysterious connection to the parallel dimension called “The Upside-Down”, as well as with the beast that was terrorizing the main characters called the Demogorgon. I proceeded to record and release it, but was never truly happy with it. So months after the album release, I got back together with Jon Pascone, who co-produced half of Chronicles. I had him create a soundscape in the background of the song to emulate the terrifying sounds of a Demogorgon. The talented Jonny delivered, and the song now portrays the terrifying presence of the Demogorogon that I had always envisioned. So we remastered the track with the new layer of sounds, and we’re finally ready to show you guys a new and improved version of Eleven!

P.S. The cool image used for this release was created using a painting by the talented artist, Cat Jones, one of my castle-mates.

The Cluster EP Released!

The Cluster EP is now available for streaming and download! The latest addition to Sam Gleason’s repertoire is a five-song compilation of indie pop, folk rock, and alternative music that incorporates walls of harmonies, intricate pop production, and the new wave-esque use of both guitars and synths. The songs contain an array of different lyrical topics. They tell the stories of a depressed comedian and of an autistic boy convinced his window is a TV, as well as explore the ideas of procrastination, perfectionism, and loneliness. The name of the EP comes from the strange grouping of songs that were initially unmastered, forgotten mixes that Sam rediscovered and “clustered” together to create this EP.

Newest Album, “The Monster” Released!

With the release of his upcoming album “The Monster”, Sam Gleason brings
an alternative indie edge to pop rock. Lush with layered guitars,
catchy hooks, an array of percussion, and fun break downs, the album
reaches into a classic rock aesthetic at times. Although the album is
diverse within itself, there is a glue that holds this album together
and it comes down to a familiar but different vocal style and lots of
different kinds of pop strung into one record. Most importantly, the
album never loses touch with the emotional platform great songs are
built from.

The first single, “Put Away The Monster”, is an up beat indie rock
song with attitude. The song feels like a cross between an 80’s classic
rock song, and today’s breed of indie pop songs hitting the radio

“The term “monster” refers to the sides of us that we choose to hide
away from the world because they are considered unacceptable by
whatever society we may live in. The song title is a play on how we
are taught to be insecure about these parts of us, which compels us to
hide these “monsters” or “skeletons” away from everyone simply because
they do not correlate with our definition of normalcy,” explains Sam
of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get the full
understanding of where Sam is coming from, it should be heard in its
entirety. The record gives the ideal of a concept album, and each song
tells a story in relation to the next.

“The whole album mainly consists of songs that have to do with inner
personal conflict, such as hiding away parts of us we’re insecure
about,” says the songwriter of the album.

Title Track/First Single off of “The Monster” Released!

The first single off of Sam’s latest solo album coming out in August has been released. “Put Away The Monster” is the title track for the album, and was recorded in Sam’s apartment over the course of his sophomore year of college, as was the rest of the album. It is also available for download, so give it a listen!

New Album “The Monster” Coming Soon!

The release date for the newest album by Sam Gleason has been announced! “The Monster” was recorded throughout Sam’s sophomore year of college in his apartment in Albany. It includes some of the stranger songs that Sam has written, as well as some of his more mass-audience aimed songs thrown in for good measure. It will be released on August 23rd this summer, but make sure to keep checking back here until then to find singles being released early!

The Monster Album Cover!!

DeadLight Poets release new single – “Static Speakers”

DeadLight Poets have released the first single off of their debut EP that will be coming in a few months. Recorded in both the band’s studio apartment and the College of Saint Rose’s recording studio, this song is meant to define what DeadLight Poets are all about. Click on the link to download this song for free!

The Weird Apples Release Debut Single – “Lover From Another”

The Weird Apples came together when former members of the band Olsen Court returned home from college. They played shows all throughout the Hudson Valley during the summer, and found just enough time to record a single before they all went back to college. Lover From Another was recorded in Sam Gleason’s bedroom studio, a location which helped contribute to the song’s garage rock sound. It’s now available for free download right here!