Lost Drones Release Debut Single “Star Frame”


“The track, which was engineered by Gleason and produced by vocalist/bassist Grocki is a unique, fun and bright-sounding single that tackles the hard truths of growing up and learning what life is like outside of the idealism of childhood. “Star Frame” is reminiscent of Suck It and See-era Arctic Monkeys with some vintage-sounding psychedelic riffs throughout the song.

-Courtney Guttenberg of Mirth-Films.com

“Star Frame is the second song in a concept EP about a bright-eyed newcomer who grows cynical as he realizes how harsh reality can actually be. This particular song talks about how lavish and indulgent practices are presented to us as the perfect life and path to happiness. The character learns that even those with these seemingly perfect lives are miserable, the first of many harsh truths he realizes throughout the EP. The rest of the album will be released within the next few months.”


Country Protest Song, “Ol’ Montgomery” Fights Against Corporate Greed

“Hey friends, my home town is being ravaged by large corporations that want to destroy the beautiful land simply because they don’t wanna pay their fair share of taxes. As we all know, multi-million dollar companies are the last things in this country that need tax breaks right now. Wrote this short little country protest song for the people fighting it over there. Keep up the good work my fellow Montgomery citizens!”


Click here to listen to “Ol’ Montgomery”



Yeah Universe Releases Debut Single “Wasteland”

Hello everyone, I know it has been some time since I’ve posted on here, but I assure you I’ve been anything but inactive. Yeah Universe just released our debut single, “Wasteland”. You can read about it in this article on Mirth-Films.com. Lost Drones is also hard at work on the debut EP, with plans to have it released early in December. Stay tuned, there’s gonna be a lot of music coming out in the future!


Click here to read the Mirth-Films article

“The Castle” released!

Two years in the making, “The Castle” is finally here! This album is a conglomeration of my post-college experience, with songs about different themes when it comes to figuring out what to do with yourself. The themes include writer’s block, falling out of touch with friends, and not knowing what the hell you’re doing. It is called The Castle because a large portion of it was recorded in an old church that I lived in for a while (pictured in the album cover) that my roommates and I lovingly referred to as “The Castle”. The album features saxophone tracks by James Negron as well as guitar solos by Josh Thorsey. Brandon Rutski and Paul Bonolo play some awesome drum tracks as well.

This will probably be the last album of this style that I release, as I am planning on venturing into some different genres in the future. Stay tuned!



Introducing: ¡HA¡

¡HA¡ is the new band I’ve formed with some fellow musicians here in Albany. When Rob O’Connor (Olsen Court, The Weird Apples) came up to Albany to do an internship, I was able to introduce him to two of my close college friends, Matt DeLaus (DeadLight Poets) and Alan Sweet. Matt and I began writing songs together, and found that the intricate guitar riffs and melodies he was writing blended almost perfectly with my songwriting style and vocal melodies. After bringing these songs to Rob and Alan, we’ve found that we produce a sound similar to indie rock, but with influences from blues and funk. I like to tell people we sound like My Morning Jacket and The Strokes playing a set together behind Elvis Costello. The four of us have been working hard, and ¡HA¡ is planning on making it’s live debut at the Low Beat in Albany, NY on April 10th. We plan to begin recording a demo shortly after that, and it should be released within the year. I’m very excited to get this band going, and I can’t wait to show ya’ll what we got!


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Live Version of “Piece of Glass”

At the College of Saint Rose, students are required to perform for a class called convocation. Convocation happens once a week, and all music students are required to attend each performance. I put together an arrangement of the song “Piece of Glass” from The Monster album, and now a recording of the live performance is available on SoundCloud! The recording features Amelia Rosettie on violin, Alenni Davis on harmonies, Patrick Flores on lead guitar, Will Fredette on bass, and Will Hahn on drums. Needless to say, I passed!