nothing at all. – Atelo

(April 2020)

The first song of a solo project called Atelo, this song applies a dreamy sadness to an indie folk feel as it sings about finally snapping from the pressure of everything going on.


The Rut – Lost Drones

(March 2020)

The debut EP of Lost Drones is a six-song concept piece with transitionary interludes between each song. The album generally has a vintage psychedelic tone, but influences can be heard from rock, punk, and folk. The story of a confident, high-energy person being slowly brought down by harsh realities is painted in the energy of each following song.


Dark Money – Lost Drones

(February 2020)

By the fourth song of “The Rut”, the protagonist of the story sees the darkness behind the people in power of his world. He begins to realize how deep into the system the cruelty of the world actually went, and found the corruption to be rampant.


A Hollow Ribcage – Lost Drones

(December 2019)

A Hollow Ribacge is the final song in the concept EP about a bright-eyed newcomer who grows cynical as he realizes how harsh reality can actually be. The character has reached the final stage of his arc in this song, and has become cynical and apathetic to everything he encounters.

Star Frame – Lost Drones

(December 2019)

“The track, which was engineered by Gleason and produced by vocalist/bassist Grocki is a unique, fun and bright-sounding single that tackles the hard truths of growing up and learning what life is like outside of the idealism of childhood. “Star Frame” is reminiscent of Suck It and See-era Arctic Monkeys with some vintage-sounding psychedelic riffs throughout the song.

-Courtney Guttenberg of

Star Frame is the second song in a concept EP about a bright-eyed newcomer who grows cynical as he realizes how harsh reality can actually be. This particular song talks about how lavish and indulgent practices are presented to us as the perfect life and path to happiness. The character learns that even those with these seemingly perfect lives are miserable, the first of many harsh truths he realizes throughout the EP. The rest of the album will be released within the next few months.

Wasteland – Yeah Universe

(September 2019)

“Wasteland” is a song with a theme that can resonate with any listener — the feeling of being stuck. “[It’s] about being unhappy with yourself and your environment but choosing to stay in that situation anyway, regardless of what others do to try and help you”, says the band. “It’s a song about how hard it is to break destructive patterns in your own life, and ultimately deciding to embrace them, no matter the cost.

The dark thematic undertones of the track are juxtaposed by the incredibly soothing sound, which brings the overall feel of “Wasteland” to be almost Lynchian in nature. It’s a great soundtrack for thinking about life and whether you’re where you need to be.”

-Courtney Guttenberg of


The Castle

(May 2019)

This album is a conglomeration of my post-college experience, with songs about different themes when it comes to figuring out what to do with yourself. The themes include writer’s block, falling out of touch with friends, and not knowing what the hell you’re doing. It is called The Castle because a large portion of it was recorded in an old church that I lived in for a while (pictured in the album cover) that my roommates and I lovingly referred to as “The Castle”. The album features saxophone tracks by James Negron as well as guitar solos by Josh Thorsey.




(May 2017)

This is it! This is the reason I chose to go to The College of Saint Rose, as this project was my last senior project I had to complete before graduating. It was recorded at the school’s high-quality studio, Saints & Sinners Recording Studios, as well as partially recorded at Hyland Recording Studios in Albany. This is the first album where I was actually able to bring everything I envisioned together, as I had access to equipment and musicians that I have never had for previous albums. It has all the best songs I’ve written over the course of my four years here at Saint Rose. Definitely the most excited of been to release an album!

Everything’s Bad and I’m Angry

(September 2016)

I was given the amazing opportunity over the summer to do my internship at Low Watt Recording Studios in Savannah, Georgia. My childhood friends from the group, A Fragile Tomorrow, co-owned the studio. We were able to use it whenever we wanted if we didn’t have a client to work with. With the spare time we had, Sean and Brendan Kelly helped produce some of my songs and take them into a slightly different direction. The result was this short 6-song album entitled “Everything’s Bad and I’m Angry”. Everything gets a little heavier, and a little stranger. The closing track is the one track not recorded at Low Watt. It was recorded using nothing but a microphone and a Nord Electro4 in my friend’s apartment.

The Cluster EP

(June 2016)

My attempt to release a full solo album every year of my life was cut short this year when I found all my time being consumed by another project. In the beginning of the year, I managed to get five songs recorded before things got a little hectic. The sessions for these songs got buried in my laptop until I rediscovered and remastered them about a month ago. The result was this five-song compilation of indie pop, folk rock, and alternative music that became The Cluster EP. The songs contain an array of different lyrical topics. They tell the stories of a depressed comedian and of an autistic boy convinced his window is a TV, as well explore the ideas of procrastination and perfectionism.


The Monster

(August 2015)

With the release of his upcoming album The Monster, Sam Gleason brings
an alternative indie edge to pop rock. Lush with layered guitars,
catchy hooks, an array of percussion, and fun break downs, the album
reaches into a classic rock aesthetic at times. Although the album is
diverse within itself, there is a glue that holds this album together
and it comes down to a familiar but different vocal style, and lots of
different kinds of pop strung into one record. Most importantly, the
album never loses touch with the emotional platform great songs are
built from.

The Mass Amusement EP

(January 2015)

This is the first solo EP that I recorded in my apartment recording studio. The purpose of this collection of songs was to create a repertoire of music that points more in the direction of marketability rather than artistic integrity. I felt the need to create a series of songs that could be seen by the profit-obssessed side of the music industry as useable. The title track actually acts as a mockery of the rest of the EP, as well as a mockery of the side of the music industry that focuses more on profit than artistic expression.

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