Introducing: ¡HA¡

¡HA¡ is the new band I’ve formed with some fellow musicians here in Albany. When Rob O’Connor (Olsen Court, The Weird Apples) came up to Albany to do an internship, I was able to introduce him to two of my close college friends, Matt DeLaus (DeadLight Poets) and Alan Sweet. Matt and I began writing songs together, and found that the intricate guitar riffs and melodies he was writing blended almost perfectly with my songwriting style and vocal melodies. After bringing these songs to Rob and Alan, we’ve found that we produce a sound similar to indie rock, but with influences from blues and funk. I like to tell people we sound like My Morning Jacket and The Strokes playing a set together behind Elvis Costello. The four of us have been working hard, and ¡HA¡ is planning on making it’s live debut at the Low Beat in Albany, NY on April 10th. We plan to begin recording a demo shortly after that, and it should be released within the year. I’m very excited to get this band going, and I can’t wait to show ya’ll what we got!


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Live Version of “Piece of Glass”

At the College of Saint Rose, students are required to perform for a class called convocation. Convocation happens once a week, and all music students are required to attend each performance. I put together an arrangement of the song “Piece of Glass” from The Monster album, and now a recording of the live performance is available on SoundCloud! The recording features Amelia Rosettie on violin, Alenni Davis on harmonies, Patrick Flores on lead guitar, Will Fredette on bass, and Will Hahn on drums. Needless to say, I passed!


Weird Apples Release Two-Song EP!

The Weird Apples all got together again over the summer and recorded two of their heaviest, danciest songs yet. The sax-heavy tunes emulate classic and indie rock, with dramatic contrast in between the two songs. The first track, Swivel Yo Hips, is a very upbeat song about just wanting to dance in a world where it’s frowned upon, while the second song called Dancing Skeletons has a heavier vibe about it as Sam sings about an afterlife taunting us with subtle clues of its existence. The two-song EP is available now for download for only one dollar.

Newest Album, “The Monster” Released!

With the release of his upcoming album “The Monster”, Sam Gleason brings
an alternative indie edge to pop rock. Lush with layered guitars,
catchy hooks, an array of percussion, and fun break downs, the album
reaches into a classic rock aesthetic at times. Although the album is
diverse within itself, there is a glue that holds this album together
and it comes down to a familiar but different vocal style and lots of
different kinds of pop strung into one record. Most importantly, the
album never loses touch with the emotional platform great songs are
built from.

The first single, “Put Away The Monster”, is an up beat indie rock
song with attitude. The song feels like a cross between an 80’s classic
rock song, and today’s breed of indie pop songs hitting the radio

“The term “monster” refers to the sides of us that we choose to hide
away from the world because they are considered unacceptable by
whatever society we may live in. The song title is a play on how we
are taught to be insecure about these parts of us, which compels us to
hide these “monsters” or “skeletons” away from everyone simply because
they do not correlate with our definition of normalcy,” explains Sam
of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get the full
understanding of where Sam is coming from, it should be heard in its
entirety. The record gives the ideal of a concept album, and each song
tells a story in relation to the next.

“The whole album mainly consists of songs that have to do with inner
personal conflict, such as hiding away parts of us we’re insecure
about,” says the songwriter of the album.

Second Single “Doubt Dandelions” Released From New Album!

The second single off of “The Monster” album coming out later in August was released today. “Doubt Dandelions” is a harmony-driven song that talks about the seeds of doubt that can become a problem for us should we choose to let them grow. The single is available for download, and “The Monster” is coming out August 23rd with more songs like this one and the previous single that was released, “Put Away The Monster.”

Title Track/First Single off of “The Monster” Released!

The first single off of Sam’s latest solo album coming out in August has been released. “Put Away The Monster” is the title track for the album, and was recorded in Sam’s apartment over the course of his sophomore year of college, as was the rest of the album. It is also available for download, so give it a listen!